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Mature And Rugged Men
Sometimes you see a hot looking Daddy walking down the street or in Home Depot that is just a Hunk. He might not have shaved in 2-3 days and combined with his dimpled chin, his chest hair peeking out from his soiled white V-necked tshirt and his stained torn blue jeans that is fighting to keep this ENORMOUS BULGING CROTCH BASKET from busting through his zipper. Your jaw drops to the floor and you just think that he is a GOD. This blog is for those men and the men that ADMIRE them.

So if you love rugged, rough, butch, burly, tattoos, macho hairy daddies, bears, polar bears, blue collar, rough trade/trash daddies with a little bit of leather and kink then follow Mature and Rugged Men NOW!

World of Real Men
Blog dedicated to appreciation and enjoyment of various types of men including mature, hairy, guy-next-door and others.