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DMCA & Abuse

At NibbleBit we actively encourage our visitors to report any suspicious or malicious activities. We also ask that users report any possible violations of our Terms of Service.

Reporting DMCA Copyright Infringements

If you believe that a blog hosted with NibbleBit is infringing copyright, as defined at, please email with the following information:

  1. Locations of all copyrighted content. Please list all specific URLS. E.G:
  2. Your contact information (or the copyright owner) including name, address, telephone number and email address.
  3. A notice on good faith belief that the copyrighted materials have not been authorized by the owner.
  4. A notice made under penalty of perjury that the provided information is accurate, and you are authorized on behalf of the owner.
  5. The copyright owner's physical or electronic signature.

Upon receiving the above information, NibbleBit will disable access to and/or remove the copyrighted materials.

Reporting Content Policy Violations

Please use the form below to report a content policy violation. A full copy of our Terms of Service can be found here.

Please Note: Supplying an email address is optional, but it will allow us to contact you directly about any of your concerns.

We will never pass on this information, and we treat all reports as anonymous.

Please provide as much detail as possible - including all links to offending materials.

If you want to supply an email address, it MUST be valid, if not, please leave this box blank.

You must provide a reason. We cannot process a complaint without an explanation.